My First Labs

Build your own early electronic devices at home, in school, or any educational setting!

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Tesla Coil

A precursur to the first radio, a tesla coil takes energy from a source and amplfies it to produce wireless electricity.

This mini Tesla coil isn't powerful enough to cause any harm, but has been known to power a light bulb at close distances

Brushless Motor

The Brushless Motor is a magnetically propelled motor, inspired by Tesla's brushless motor.

Brushless Motor instructional video

Hot Wire Knife

The hot wire knife uses an electric current carried through copper tape to heat up a wire which then can cut through styrofoam by melting it away.
Once the hot wire knife is built, it can be used to create styrofoam puzzles, ornaments, moulds, or anything you can think of!

Hot Wire Knife instructional video

Bug Bot

The bug bot uses a vibrating motor to move across surfaces.
Bug Bot instructional video

Rocket Glider

A rocket release glider has its wings folded up on launch, and after launch the wings expand and the rocket glides away.

Rocket Glider instructional video

Helicopter Whirlygig

A hand-launched helicopter.

Helicopter instructional video